The partialy eclipsed sun sets over the pier at Mornington Beach. Adelaide had a very different view as the Moon totaly covered the Sun and turned the day to darkness for just 26 seconds. More Pictures................

Comet Hyakutake drifting through Tauras, its green head and blue tail visable even without a long exposer with a camera. Two nights later, it had disappered behind the city lights of Melbourne.

Mists fill the valleys heading toward Healsville and the Yarra Valley.
A lone fisherman among the waves and rocks off Mornington.
Yarra Glen Mist.
Lightning over Frankston and Mt Eliza.

The Transit of Venus led to the discovery of Australia after Captain James Cook observed the event from Tahiti in
1769. 235 years later Venus crossed the sun again as it set
behind the the Glen Waverly Police Academy as seen in this picture (Venus is the d
ark spot above the spire).

A beautiful ant stops to see what that camera is taking a picture of......
Smoke and scorched earth after a grass fire.